Wednesday, April 8

The All New, All Different FFR Blog!

Yeah so I kinda made a new blog, but this time I got back up! So it'll have real honest weekly updates!

We promise not only Tuesday and Thursday posts, but the occasional cyber novella update AND all new, all different Fugitives From Reality 2.0 webcomic!

I've learned alot from managing this red-headed step child of a blog along with the smackjeeves comic site and moderative a forum, so i've pooled all those lessons into running my own damn blog. WITH HELP!

So anywho, if you want weekly doses of the Esbat, then hop on over to the official Fugitives From Reality blog!

So this is the last official entry here, adios bitches!

Monday, March 9

Fugitives From Reality: Conclusion

I've decided to conclude Fugitives From Reality with Episode 50. After a year of doing a hurriedly slapped together photocomic about the WUMB, on a more or less weekly basis, I've gathered enough know-how and studied the trends, etc etc... and decided to end this Wizard Universe Message Board version of Fugitives From Reality.

Some of the things I've learned:

- Feedback from fellow WUMBers has been pretty good, many liking some of the strips, few disliking the whole comic altogether.

- Non-WUMBers didn't understand most of the in-jokes, natch. So many of the comics were hit or miss.

- You can't please everyone if you slowly cast people you know into the comic. At some points I was receiving 1 to 2 requests a week to be put in the comic.

- Social commentary in webcomic form is very funny.

- I received more hits from my webcomic's page than from the Wizard Message boards.

- Non-North American visitors would contact me to purchase my figures! (note to self: hook up with sponsors!)

- And finally, Az's Bearfighting gag transcended in-joke barriers. A big chunk of my unique hits were for strips featuring Az's comedic appearances.

Anywho, so Episode 50 will be it for the focus on the Wizard Universe Message Board. Expect Episode 50 to big the longest FFR episode EVAR. And April 1st is the relaunch date for "Volume II" of Fugitives From Reality.

Big Pimpin': Panels On Pages!

It looks like a Ka-Tet of Wizard Universe Columnists and Message Board members have banded together to create an whole new comics, movies, collectibles, general nerdery/geekery site called Panels on Pages! or PoP!

Here is an introductory YouTube video to the site:

Check it out, I've known these jokers for a while now and they've dropped several months of work into this site launch, and they've assured me they have TONS of reviews, columns, and features stored up for constant updates on all things that make you go "SQUEE"!

Thursday, February 12

Figure Realm on Attack of the Show!


On February 6th, was featured on G4tv's news show "Attack of the Show" in a segment called Blog Watch. They showcased the figure shop along with the ever growing tutorial page and mighty Custom Figure Showcase!

Anywho, it was cool for Cap and the site to get some major props. Check it out!

Fugitives From Reality - Secret Crisis Trailer


This is Episode 48 of Fugitives From Reality. I made it a faux movie trailer celebrating the upcoming "Secret Crisis" storyline in honor of the 1 year anniversary of Fugitives From Reality. I've uploaded it to Youtube, check it out!

Thursday, January 22

Toyfare #139 Review

Hello Toybender readers!

Thanks to Paul's laziness I was able to review the newest Toyfare magazine, before it hit your bookstore's shelves!

And those of you loyal Fugitives From Reality reader, check out today's Toybender post for my snarky goodness where I chew out a Feminist, talk about my massively underwhelming GI Joe collection, get my mack on with a Wonder Woman, and welcome our underground albino conquerors!

Saturday, December 20

DC Direct/eBay: Update

UPDATE: Well it appears its out of production with Diamond Distributors, so the eBay seller offered to exchange the figure for me. I declined and dremelled and glued her knee back in place. So she's on display now. Ah well... at least I won a FRICKEN Spider-Man Classics KB exclusive SCARLET SPIDER on eBAY!

Hope that goes better than this last figure purchase!


Anywho here is my favorite Red Lantern I hope they make a figure of soon:

Friday, December 12

DC Direct is a harsh mistress...

Okay so a few weeks back I won an eBay auction a Batman: Knightfall Catwoman figure. This is like my dream figure as its my 90's Jim Balent purple catsuit and liquid black opera gloves and thigh high booted Catwoman. The Catwoman I grew up on, crushed on, and thoroughly ingrained my catgirl fetish.

As you can see, if you clicked the linky, I got an excellent deal as most other sites want to charge double what DJ's Collectible Shoppe charged me. Well as you can see from the date I paid and when I won the auction there was quite a wait, almost two weeks, as I kinda forgot that I still needed to pay for it as I was caught up with finals, graduation, Thanksgiving, and what not being my last semester and all of college.

So I remembered, I messaged DJ, and I paid up right quick. BAM! A few hours later I get a message that all is good and that the figure would be going out ASAP.


So I get the figure a few days later, and then yesterday I message him that I left positive feedback and am most happy with my figure. Then about an hour ago I opened her. I take great pains to carefully free her from the twist ties and the packaging.

And she's INCREDIBLE, I already know NOT to do a Marvel Legends/DC Universe Classics articulation test on DC Directs or Marvel Selects, but I go to bend her elbows to pose her.

All is well.

I go to bend her knees. Right knee is awesome. Left knee...

All is crap.

Apparently her left knee, not attached too well as its barely hanging by the back attachment. I'm not a violent man but I wanted to punch someone really hard... with my foot.

So far of my DC Direct purchases I'm 2 for 4 for them breaking straight out of the packaging. I've bought an 18 dollar Infinite Crisis OMAC from Hot Topic. His right leg broke off 2 minutes out of package, I was marvelling at his points of articulation when


The gorgeous translucent leg is now seperate from his gorgeous translucent body. It was like the plot to a freaky ass Anime. I spent 4 hours the first time attempting to repair his leg by gluing it in place only for it to break AGAIN when he took a nose dive off my shelf simultaneously breaking his head fin off. I spent 2 hours, with a dremel, repairing his leg with a screw and now its fully poseable once again. The Fin, not so much. Its attached but doesn't flex with the spine section of the fin. Gah.

My second DC Direct purchase was a First Appearance Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, that sucker is like a rock. Invincible, almost. I love it.

My Third DC Direct purchase a Green Lantern Series 1 Star Sapphire. Gorgeous, super limited poseablity, but no breaky.

My Fourth DCD purchase is this Knightfall Catwoman and 2 minutes out of package, even under tender lovin' care. She was already broke.


I also own a JSA Series 1 Power Girl, and Infinite Crisis Power Girl, Identity Crisis Deadshot, and Superman Last Son Bizarro but those were either traded for, purchased loose, or given to me as a gift. All of them great condition, their articulation points perfect, no breaky breaky.

*Double Sigh*

So I decided to check the packaging for customer service info, NUFFIN. So I check the damn DC Direct website, and straight from their FAQ:

How Can I Replace Or Fix A Broken Product?
You can bring the item back to the retailer that you purchased it from, so they can take up the matter with the Diamond Distributors customer service representative. DC Direct is not equipped to respond to requests to repair broken items or ship replacement parts.


This was a fricken EBAY PURCHASE. So I decide "screw it" I'll check Diamond Distributor's website. Well I learn that I'm leading Jack and Shit and Jack got a sex change.


So as a last resort I messaged DJ, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe we can work something out. He gave me a HECKUVA deal on the figure, about 5 bucks less than normal retail for a DCD (in spite of the shipping charge). So I basically said in the message:

"Hey, the figure broke straight outta the package, and I tried to handle a customer service thing on my own but came up bupkiss on both ends and I'm outta ideas. So I'm asking you hopefully that it won't be too much trouble and cost us both too much time and money. But if it is gonna cost us both alot of time and money to get it replaced I'll simply glue it because you gave me a sweet deal and were super stand up about the 2 weeks late payment thing.

~ Kisses,


So yeah to recap I got a good deal and then punked again in the ass by DC Direct.


Anywho, there will be a nice big installment of Fugitives From Reality coming up this weekend, there is a graduation party thing going on Saturday with my folks so expect either a Friday or Sunday update.

Now I have some more room cleaning to do, damn company coming over. Furballs under my bed half the size of each of my cats. Gah!